RegDelta: Actionable regulatory insight, so that you can spot what needs to be done, know what it means to do it and prove that it complies.

Navigate what to do

1. View all your regulatory documents, formatted to look on screen as in hard copy

2. Upload your own documentation to sit alongside regulatory documents

3. Integrate neutral and independent commentary

4. Understand the context through summaries, enrichment and tagging

5. Analyse the full texts down to the paragraph/footnote.

Know what it means

1. Find and align requirements via a standard dictionary and metadata

2. Assign accountability to your programme for actual requirements

3. Enable holistic risk management in a user friendly way across the entire enterprise

4. Preserve corporate memory via upload, tagging, commentary

5. Maintain full audit trail/traceability and link to future change cycles.

Align your controls

1. Run and export powerful reports based on your own organisation

2. Channel data and analysis into external tools via the API.

What are Deltas?

  • Changes

    Changes that you need to make to be compliant within your firm.

  • Differences

    Differences between what you do today and what regulators ask tomorrow.

  • Different ways

    Different ways that countries are attempting to achieve similar outcomes.

  • A way out

    … of the maze of Financial Services regulation.

Our technology partners:

67 Bricks

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Smartlogic logo_1 Organizations can outperform others by releasing the valuable information locked-up in content. Smartlogic's software unlocks this value – something we call Content Intelligence. Semaphore is our Content Intelligence platform. Hundreds of organizations in information intensive industries use Semaphore worldwide to power regulatory compliance tasks, provide superior customer service, enhance information findability, deliver operational efficiencies, and monetize information assets.
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How do I get it?

Firms can license RegDelta’s up-to-date and powerful content and intelligence extraction platform in a number of secure ways, all designed with the needs of financial institutions in mind.

Just fill in the contact form, get in touch on or give us a call on or +44 20 7870 8004 to find out how we can make it work for you.

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