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    RegDelta is the world’s first regulatory change management platform. Designed by JWG, it was developed from first principles in close collaboration with regulators, financial institutions and technology partners. This state of the art platform allows your enterprise to analyse and maintain a golden source of all your regulatory obligations.


The FS regulatory challenge

  • Overall, the industry has had to manage almost 50,000 regulatory documents - a 500% increase in G20 documents since 2009
  • By 2020 the industry could face a page count that, when stacked, would be higher than three Eiffel Towers
  • $300 billion in fines have highlighted the real regulatory risk that affects not only firms, customers and shareholders, but senior managers personally



The need for a regulatory data management platform

Deploying disjointed, mostly manual, resources, in an attempt to address the regulatory avalanche distracts from focusing on delivering value for customers and investors and achieving the greatest possible business benefits: investment in innovation and profitable growth.

Firms need a dependable source of real intelligence which records timely decisions, aligns multiple change efforts and delivers value to customers and investors.

There are many ways that technology can support this desired capability, however, RegDelta is the only platform that allows you to gain complete control your firm’s holistic regulatory data management needs:

1. Smart library: A regulatory data feed which you can integrate with private documents via our expert global dictionary

2. Smart assessment: A user-friendly workflow so that you can assess impact, capture expert comment, assign accountability and create institutional memory

3. Smart integration: A targeted reporting engine and status tracking functionality that can integrate with your existing suite of tools.

RegDelta: Actionable regulatory insight, so that you can spot what needs to be done, know what it means to do it and prove that it complies.

Who uses RegDelta?

All financial institutions and their suppliers across the globe can take advantage of RegDelta. Some examples of how it would help your firm:

  • Collaboration

    We facilitate peer comparison and shape the ‘so what’ for FS businesses and their suppliers

  • Intelligence

    We publish industry leading and ground-breaking analysis and regulatory social media alerts

  • Changes

    Changes that you need to make to be compliant within your firm.

  • Differences

    Differences between what you do today and what regulators ask tomorrow.

  • Different ways

    Different ways that countries are attempting to achieve similar outcomes.

  • Actionable insight

    We deliver the RegDelta platform so your firm can spot what it needs to do, know what it means to do it and prove it complies

  • A way out

    … of the maze of Financial Services regulation.

  • Operations and technology

    Benefit from a comprehensive overview for workload planning, business analysis, resource deployment and supplier management.

Can you imagine being on top of up-to-date regulatory information? Could your many teams become aligned around, not only ‘what’ regulators demand, but tackle ‘how’ they need it done?

How do I get it?

Firms can license RegDelta’s up-to-date and powerful content and intelligence extraction platform in a number of secure ways, all designed with the needs of financial institutions in mind.

Just fill in the contact form, get in touch on regdelta@jwg-it.eu or give us a call on or +44 20 7870 8004 to find out how we can make it work for you.

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